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*A Book Review*

Superlearning 2000

By Shiela Ostrander & Lynn Shroeder with Nancy Ostrander

by Michael C. Gray

October 8, 2007

We are living in a world with ever-increasing rates of change.

Especially in high-technology, processes and procedures that you learn today will be obsolete in just a few years, or less! Imagine a software engineer who wrote software for MS-DOS now having to write for Windows Vista.

Medical research, the mapping of DNA and simulation modeling are dramatically changing medical practice, including developing designer medications.

How does one keep up?

The approaches to education in many of our schools are similar to the methods used 100 years ago. Will our educational system provide adequate preparation to our children for a lifetime of learning?

Section One of Superlearning 2000 is a survey of research into accelerating the process of learning. Many of the techniques explained were developed during the Cold War to train scientists to create advanced weapons systems, help intelligence operatives rapidly learn foreign languages, and help athletes achieve exceptional performance.

Some of the technologies discussed might be pseudo-scientific. According to the authors, promising results have been achieved by individuals and organizations that have used them.

Traditional education usually is an "outside in" process of imposing information through lecture and study. Superlearning is more of an "inside out" process to facilitate the absorption of information.

Many of the techniques discussed are designed to increase relaxation and reduce physical and emotional pain, creating a highly receptive mental state. An example is simply playing Baroque music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute before and during a lesson.

Section Two of the book is a How-To Handbook Of Superlearning, explaining how you can apply these concepts yourself.

One chapter alone, How to Reach the Optimal Superlearning State, is worth the price of the book. If you apply the ideas in this chapter, you should become much more effective in managing stress, which should also improve your health.

If you want to accelerate your ability to learn, control stress, and improve your health, read and apply the ideas in Superlearning 2000.

Buy it on Amazon: Superlearning 2000: New Triple Fast Ways You Can Learn, Earn, and Succeed in the 21st Century.

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