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The Seven Forces of Success

By Joseph Sugarman

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2015 by Michael C. Gray

Imagine you had an enormously successful uncle share his secrets of success and give you the benefit of learning from his experiences. That's what Joe Sugarman does in The Seven Forces of Success.

Joe Sugarman is a marketing consultant who created JS&A, which was the model for The Sharper Image. JS&A sold cutting-edge consumer technology products, including introducing the pocket calculator, principally by mail order. He is also well-known for his infomercials for BluBlocker sunglasses.

Two of Joe's innovations were using toll-free 800 numbers as a response choice for mail order ads and accepting credit card payments over the telephone.

In The Seven Forces of Success, Joe shares his life story to illustrate principles of success. He also shares examples of the advertisements he used to promote his products, including in the Wall Street Journal.

Joe's Success Forces are:

  1. Always Be Honest
  2. Learn from Your Failures
  3. Turn Problems into Opportunities
  4. Focus Your Energy
  5. Do It Differently
  6. Clean Your Desk
  7. Focus on Helping Others

Joe's life story is fascinating and entertaining. Almost anyone could benefit from studying this book. It would be an especially good graduation gift.

Buy it on Amazon: The Seven Forces of Success.

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