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Better Business Idea #60

Do you give your customers a "reason why" they should do business with you today

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November 1, 2002

On our recent cruise on the Carnival ship Elation, we received a newsletter, Carnival Capers, each evening with a list of the activities for the next day.

Included in the newsletter was a daily "feature" for the gift shop. One day, gold by the inch was featured. On other days rings, watches, tanzanite jewelry, t-shirts and sweatshirts. In other words, each day an "event" was created to give a "reason why" passengers should visit the gift shop (again).

The gift shop is an important "back end" of additional revenue for a cruise line to earn additional revenue from its passengers. One way to increase sales is to increase the number of times the passengers visit the shop, to be tempted to buy something else. (You have time to kill anyway. Why not buy something for entertainment?)

Including a "reason why" customers should take action is an important part of direct response advertising. Image building requires a huge investment over a long period of time. By giving customers a reason why to do business with you, you can generate income with your advertising and promotion dollars NOW.

Can you create an "event" keyed to a holiday? "See our Halloween display!" "Come visit Santa in his Winter Wonderland!" "Come see the Autumn Festival art show!" "Come to Octoberfest!"

Is there a type of merchandise you can highlight? The tanzanite jewelry on the ship wasn't even discounted! "Come see our summer selection of bathroom towels!" "We have the sexiest display of bikinis!" "Today we are featuring a fine selection of cookware, including a demonstration of cooking some of your favorite foods. Come taste the difference!"

Do you have an offer of a premium to encourage taking action? "The first 25 customers to our cooking demonstration will receive a personalized cooking apron." "With this purchase of a newsletter, you will receive a calculator/personalized mug/book as a free gift!"

Use your imagination, brainstorm with your team members and you'll be surprised at the number of "reasons why" you can develop to help make your business grow!

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