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how are you, Really

By Jenna Kutcher

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2024 by Michael C. Gray

Are you living your life authentically, or does your life look like someone else's idea of what it should be?

Jenna Kutcher asked this question of herself. She decided her life as a corporate executive wasn't satisfying to her creatively and that she couldn't have a satisfying family life with her husband and nurture the children she wanted while satisfying her employer's requirements, so she quit her job.

Fortunately, her husband, Drew, fully supported her decision and shared her vision of having a great family life.

Jenna enjoyed a great family life when she was growing up. Her parents encouraged her to pursue her passions of gymnastics and competitive diving. She loved spending long weekends at her grandparents' farm and had warm memories of family pancake breakfasts. She wanted her children to have similar experiences.

The initial passion that she followed after leaving her corporate job was to become a wedding photographer. She built that business to become the most successful wedding photographer in Wisconsin.

Eventually, Jenna became a business coach for women and her husband was able to be a full-time dad. Jenna now has a popular business coaching podcast, The Goal Digger.

How are you, Really? is Jenna leading the reader through a self-examination process by sharing her own story and asking pertinent questions. There is also a lot of supplemental material online.

I think how are you, Really? is a special book because it is written from the perspective of a successful young woman, with the concerns that many other young women share. She shares when she desperately wanted to shave her legs at age eight and her parents wouldn't let her. She shares the pain and disappointment of having miscarriages for her first two pregnancies, and the joy of the birth of her first child, Coco. She shares the pain of being criticized because her husband is "Mr. Six-Pack" and she doesn't have one.

Women should identify with this book because they share many of the same experiences. Jenna's book might be useful to help them discover their own path to an authentic life.

Men should also find how are you, Really? to be valuable to understand a little better the concerns of young women. The self-examination questions are as relevant for men as for women.

Buy it on Amazon: How Are You, Really?: Living Your Truth One Answer at a Time.

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