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*A Book Review*

Grow Rich! With Peace Of Mind

By Napoleon Hill

by Michael C. Gray

July 30, 2001

Many people don't know that Napoleon Hill wrote many other books besides Think and Grow Rich. One of the best is Grow Rich! With Peace Of Mind.

Grow Rich! With Peace Of Mind was Napoleon Hill's last book, in which he shares the perspective of seventy years of study of successful people and how they got that way. Napoleon Hill emphasizes that he isn't primarily interested in helping people accumulate material riches, but in helping them take control of their lives, to live the lives they want and were meant to live.

He talks about the many occasions he worked for free to teach his philosophy, and encourages people who become successful using his ideas to give back to their communities, primarily by giving guidance to other people who are trying to accomplish things.

If you read Think and Grow Rich, you might have been a little frustrated. Napoleon Hill said he planted a lesson, the Supreme Secret, for the reader to "catch" within the details of the book. You might have always wondered if you "got it." He clearly states the Supreme Secret in Grow Rich! With Peace Of Mind. Maybe that resolution, in itself, will give you some peace of mind!

A technique that Napoleon Hill clearly explains in this book that I think many people will find helpful is the art of auto-suggestion. He lays out the steps of combining reason, visualization and emotion to realize your dreams.

Of all of the motivational writers, Napoleon Hill is unique in writing of the Master Mind principle. He believed it is essential for your success. The Master Mind principle is the idea that another "mind" is activated when two or people work in harmony for a common goal. He restates how you can form and use your own Master Mind group for the mutual benefit of the members.

Napoleon Hill also suggested that entrepreneurs get together to invest in and nurture new business owners–a model for venture capital companies!

Napoleon Hill was a visionary person who was as concerned with philosophy and ethics as with encouraging the realization of human potential. Read Grow Rich! With Peace Of Mind and you may also discover that here are practical ideas to improve your life.

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