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The Heart of Money

By Deborah L. Price

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2014 by Michael C. Gray

In many American families, the subject of money is taboo. People aren't comfortable talking about it.

Yet we all know money is an important element in our lives, and earning money and the management and control of money are key power considerations in relationships.

The Heart of Money is a guide for couples to create financial intimacy. The book includes exercises for individuals in a relationship to examine their own beliefs, attitudes and values relating to money - the emotional "baggage" that they are bringing to the relationship - to openly share with their partners. Then the couple has a basis to negotiate and agree on financial decisions.

This isn't an easy process. It means couples also need to work on their communication skills. In some cases, they might need to work with a skilled coach or therapist to overcome their intimate communication issues. If they succeed, they will have much stronger relationships.

Most of us know that money issues are the number one cause of relationship disharmony and divorce. Finally there is a guide to help couples work through these issues and hopefully preserve or save their relationships.

The author of The Heart of Money is Deborah L. Price, who is a money coach and the founder and CEO of the Money Coaching Institute, which provides money coaching, consulting and coach training to individuals, couples and businesses.

Every couple that is sharing a household, bank account, or investment should study and work with The Heart of Money.

Buy it at Amazon: The Heart of Money: A Couple's Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy.

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