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No BS Grassroots Marketing

By Dan Kennedy & Jeff Slutsky

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2012 by Michael C. Gray

How can a local small business promote itself and compete against "big players" without going broke? Marketing experts Dan Kennedy and Jeff Slutsky have made a guide for local small businesses to help point the way.

The businessperson must start with the realization that he or she is in the marketing business. Nothing happens until somebody sells something. The doctor or dentist with no patients and the CPA or attorney with no clients don’t have a business.

Conventional advertising is too expensive for most local businesses to afford. We simply don’t have the resources to pay for a big television campaign. A lot of television advertising is ineffective anyway. Have you ever watched a commercial and said afterwards, "What are they selling?"

In order to compete against Goliath, David must become creative and conduct guerilla warfare. He must use well–aimed stones from his sling for victory in the marketplace.

The advantage of the local businessperson is his or her presence in the community. People like to do business with other people that they know, like and trust. The local businessperson must find ways to be visible and build relationships.

Kennedy and Slutsky explain that the businessperson needs to understand the value of a customer to know how much he or she is willing to spend to get a customer. What should be measured to find out whether your marketing strategies are working and which ones are the most effective?

They examine the advantages and disadvantages of different media alternatives, like television, radio, newspapers, penny savers, yellow pages, telephone marketing, direct mail, the internet, etc.

They explain "joint venture" strategies that can be used at a very low cost. For example, a fast food restaurant located next to an auto mechanic can give a supply of discount coupons to the mechanic to give to his customers to use while the customers are waiting for work to be done on their cars. Initially you might start cross–promotional strategies with businesses located close to you, but later expand to a larger geographical area.

They explain how you can make an offer on your business card to attract people to visit your business, and how to collect information to build a "herd" of customers that you can promote to again and again

If your business has multiple locations, Kennedy and Slutsky explain how to begin implementing grass roots strategies in one location and then roll out to more.

If you are interested in learning ways to more effectively market your local business, I highly recommend that you study No BS Grassroots Marketing and devote a year to implementing the strategies. You are sure to see some great results!

Buy it on Amazon: No B.S. Grassroots Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Take No Prisoner Guide to Growing Sales and Profits of Local Small Businesses.

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