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Risk Forward

By Victoria Labalme

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2021 by Michael C. Gray

"Some people in life know exactly what they want to achieve. Risk Forward is for the rest of us."

There are times in our lives when we question the direction of our careers. High school graduation. College graduation. A lay off or job termination. Mid-life crises. Transition after selling a business.

These can be times of uncertainty. Author Victoria Labalme calls them the Fog of Not Knowing.

Risk Forward is designed to help think through the process of finding your life's direction.

Victoria Labalme has a background in the performing arts. She has been an actress and a dancer. She was trained in mime by the famous performer Marcel Marceau. Now she has transitioned to helping people perform at their highest levels in work, onstage (making effective presentations), on camera (for video presentations and promotions), and in life. She brings the artist's perspective to her work.

It's hard to describe Risk Forward. It's not a textbook. It's sort of a meditation or self-examination where you can "dip in" at any point.

Most of us, especially when we are very young, are susceptible to living another person's agenda, such as, Mom or Dad always wanted to have a lawyer or doctor in the family, and believe you should have a job with a regular income. She explores the outside pressures and comparisons that we are subject to.

According to Victoria Labalme, we should seek to find our Inner Current—what feels right and what matters to ourselves. We should be our authentic selves, not what someone else wants us to be.

For example, she tells about her experience as an actress in the series, Sex and the City. She was chosen for a part because she behaved in an audition with some sarcasm and some sass. She was given the part of a sexy restaurant hostess. She prepared for the part portraying what she thought the director wanted a sexy restaurant hostess to be. The director told her, "Just be more you."

"You figure it out by doing it." Try it. If it feels right, carry on. If it doesn't change. Risk forward until you discover what's right for you.

The book is filled with cute stick-figures and other illustrations that makes it a fun workbook.

Risk Forward can be a great gift, and you'll also want a copy for yourself.

Buy it online at Risk Forward: Embrace the Unknown and Unlock Your Hidden Genius.

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