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Money Spirituality Consciousness

By Mayuri Onerheim

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2014 by Michael C. Gray

Is there a spiritual aspect of money? What is consciousness, and how does it relate to money?

In Money Spirituality Consciousness, Mayuri Onerheim takes the reader on in internal journey of self discovery about the reader's relationship with money.

Mayuri has had her own personal and spiritual journey that gives her unique qualifications for teaching people about this subject. Her initial career was as a chartered accountant (like a Canadian CPA) manager at a "Big Eight" accounting firm. She left the firm and lived in India for a few years as a student of a guru. Then she and her husband moved to Marin County, where she had a tax practice as an Enrolled Agent. (An Enrolled Agent is licensed by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.) Then she retired from her tax practice to start teaching classes about money and spirituality, called "The Logos of Money."

This is not a book about sitting in a corner and praying and meditating about money.

Consciousness actually relates to our awareness or being awake. According to Mayuri, most of us are operating at an unconscious level about money in our lives, sort of like being on "autopilot." Our attitudes about money have mostly been shaped by our families and our culture. In the United States, most of us seem to be consumed with acquiring more and more of the latest and greatest "stuff" – homes, clothing, cars and electronics.

A problem is that continuing to behave this way can create economic distress for ourselves and can't be sustained by our planet.

Mayuri says we can think of money by using a symbol of the cross. The vertical line is our spiritual potential or realization of our spiritual nature and the horizontal represents our human lives and what we bring to the world we live in. Money is the meeting place for the two lines. How we use money can be an expression of our spiritual values.

The chapters of the book include a series of exercises for the reader to conduct an inquiry or self–examination about his or her relationship with money and to examine how he or she is actually using money.

The reader is encouraged to keep detailed personal records and make a personal balance sheet and cash flow statement. The reader is also encouraged to make a personal budget and compare his or her expenditures to the budget. If you follow Mayuri's advice, you should be in great shape for preparing your income tax returns.

Mayuri also points out that debt is creating a lot of economic distress in our country. She encourages the reader to stop using credit cards and to make payments with cash.

Money Spirituality Consciousness is actually a rather hard–nosed textbook for better awareness and getting control of our personal finances. Most of us would do well to get a copy and use it.

Buy it on Amazon: Money – Spirituality – Consciousness.

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