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*A Book Review*

The Awakened Millionaire

By Joe Vitale

by Michael C. Gray

July 1, 2016

For most of us, our biggest obstacle to achieving our potential is our our own self-defeating attitudes and beliefs. As the old Pogo cartoon says, "We have met the enemy and it is us."

In The Awakened Millionaire, Joe Vitale attempts to lead us on a path of self-discovery to overcome those self-defeating attitudes and beliefs.

Joe speaks from hard-earned experience. He has been broke and homeless, but today is a successful writer, businessperson, musician, teacher, and speaker. What he teaches is an interesting combination of marketing and spiritual abundance principles.

One of our inner obstacles is our beliefs and attitudes about money. In American society, we often hear the Biblical quotation, "Money is the root of all evil." It is an incomplete quote, and it is erroneous. (A more complete quote is, "The love of money is the root of all evil.") Based on this quote, we think money = evil. If we believe money is in fact evil, we feel guilty when we accumulate much of it.

This is ironic, since money is a necessary element in our society. If we aren't successful in working with it, we will have a very unpleasant life and an indigent retirement. Does that sound good, or what a loving God would want for us? (Is that what you would want for your own child?)

According to Joe Vitale, we must awaken to the fact that money itself is neutral. It's what people do with it and how they choose to acquire it that can be good or evil. You can do a lot more good for the world if you have an abundance of money than if you don't. Look at what Bill and Melinda Gates have chosen to do with their wealth. They have created a foundation to fund humanitarian causes.

Money should be a result rather than an objective.

If we find a satisfying mission in life that makes life better for others and improves the world, then money can in good conscience flow to us for the value that we give. When we receive wealth, we can choose to share some of it for the benefit of others and enjoy what we have in good conscience.

Soul + Money = More Soul + More Money.

Add The Awakened Millionaire to your reading list. It also would be a great graduation gift.

Buy it on Amazon: The Awakened Millionaire: A Manifesto for the Spiritual Wealth Movement.

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