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10X Is Easier Than 2X

By Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2024 by Michael C. Gray

10X Is Easier Than 2X promotes transformational thinking.

The book is based on the ideas taught by Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, and put into practice by his clients, guided by his army of coaches. According to co-author Dr. Hardy, over the past 35 years, over 25,000 high-level entrepreneurs have participated in the Strategic Coach program and found it useful for transforming their businesses.

Most individuals and companies are trying to be incrementally better, using "linear" or "incremental" thinking. You can't accomplish significant change with the same kind of thinking that got you where you are right now. Also, that level is where there is the most competition - because almost everyone else is operating at that level.

Instead, you must adopt "geometric" or "transformational" thinking.

Most of us visualize entrepreneurs as being rugged individualists and trying to do everything themselves.

Entrepreneurship actually is about creating and continually transforming businesses. That means you have to stop "doing" it and focus on creating and improving it. Creating and transforming requires taking time away from "doing" to thinking.

The only way to get out of the rugged individualist mode is to become a transformational leader and accomplish more through others. This requires finding people who are better at doing and who enjoy the work that you need to stop doing. Eventually, the organization should be self-managing, so that the entrepreneur can focus on creating.

According to Pareto's Law, 20% of our customers and 20% of our activities are responsible for 80% of our results. The pathway to significant improvement in results is to eliminate the 80% of our customers and activities that aren't as productive. Once you accomplish that, keep repeating the process over and over again.

Then your organization will be in a class by itself.

Writing and reading about this process seems straightforward enough. Doing it requires a radical mind shift and abandoning habits that are no longer serving yourself, which is not easy.

Keep your eyes on the prize. When you are successful in implementing these changes, you will no longer be the slave of your business. You will reclaim your own life, with your business serving you.

Are you ready to transform your business? Read, study and implement the ideas in 10X Is Easier Than 2X.

Buy it on Amazon: 10x Is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less.

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