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Better Business Idea #3

Word of Mouth Advertising

How can you build more word of mouth advertising?

Rephrasing the question, why would your customers want to talk to their friends about their experience of doing business with you? What things can you do that will compel them to do so?

When you perform your service or deliver your product competently, you are merely doing what the customer expects. (If you don't meet the customers' expectations, they may well tell their friends what you don't want them to hear!) In order to compel the customers to want to share their good experience with their friends, you must make the process memorable, going beyond what is expected.

Recently I had lunch with my team members at the Campbell House. The food and service were truly excellent. My daughter and administrative assistant, Dawn, asked for her leftovers to be packed. They were returned to her in aluminum foil shaped like a swan. Guess what she talked about when she got home? How much more do you think it cost the Campbell House to produce that "Wow!" experience? (Answer - not a cent!)

Disneyland should be an inspiration to us all in providing a "Wow!" experience. What do people talk to their friends about when they come home? "You should have seen how clean that park was! With all of the people there, it's unbelievable! There's not an even a gum wrapper on the ground!" Walt Disney understood that cleanliness is marketing.

The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo gives tours of the men's restroom. It's quite remarkable, with a rock fountain urinal. I took my daughters when they were very small, and they still remember that urinal!

Here is an area that with some creativity, some procedures defined as performance standards, and some enthusiasm, you and your team can distinguish your business from your competitors.

Why not schedule a team meeting tomorrow to generate ideas?

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