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Better Business Idea #49

"What's Next?"

© 2001 by Michael C. Gray

May 31, 2001

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy's strategic mantra is, "What's next?"

Businesses that are successful marketers and tough competitors have a chain of activities that happen with a customer or a prospective customer after the initial contact or transaction. For each response along the way, there should be a plan of continuous contact and offers.

A "toolbag" of marketing techniques can be used along the chain for the customer nurturing process.

If a customer makes an order, there should be an "upsell" offer.

If a customer refuses an offer or doesn't take action, there should be a "downsell" offer with an "upsell" follow up.

There should be a referral-generation system concurrent with a sale and as part of the continuous contact with the customer or prospective customer.

Greeting cards for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, newsletters, voice message broadcast, fax broadcast, thank you cards, article clippings and gifts can be used for continuous relationship nurturing so the customer doesn't forget you.

Telemarketing as a follow up system can also be used to boost response.

When a business is sensitive to the wants and needs of its customers, continues to offer products and services that are value to them, and makes a consistent, ongoing effort to keep in touch with them (at least once a month), it should be recession-resistant and have a long, profitable life.

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