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*A Book Review*

Unlimited Power

By Anthony Robbins

by Michael C. Gray

August 30, 2002

I remember when Unlimited Power was first released back in 1986. I admit I was turned off. Who wants unlimited power? What is "power" anyway? A popular idea of "power" is the ability to push other people around -- or push back!

Of course a title like Unlimited Power is controversial, incites interest, and helps sell a lot of books. Dan Kennedy says, "If you don't offend somebody by noon each day, you're not doing much."

After reading Tony Robbins' book, I understand he is promoting other ideas of power. The power he is talking about is the ability to take control of your own life and to become an agent for positive change in the world. Surely, this is the kind of power every one of his readers should be interested in having.

Tony Robbins seems like a natural leader. He's an imposing six feet, four inches tall. The kind of guy you can look up to. His dynamic enthusiasm inspires people who attend his seminars to walk on hot coals! Tony Robbins uses fire walking as a metaphor for breaking your personal barriers.

In Unlimited Power, Tony presents skills that will be helpful for more successful living. He calls these skills Optimum Performance Technologies®. They are principally based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which was developed by Richard Bandler and John Ginder.

Through NLP analysis, you learn to understand how you and others tend to process information. People tend to be visual (sight), auditory (sound), or kinesthetic (feeling). By determining what senses the individual favors, you can communicate ideas more effectively by addressing that system.

Tony explores several different ways to accelerate personal development and change, including conquering phobias and emotional scars. These techniques are largely devoted to controlling your state or emotional response to different situations. Some of the techniques include modeling (finding a role model to emulate), mental exercises to change associations, and anchoring (connecting a state to a physical action or other stimulus, something like Pavlov's dog salivating when hearing a bell.)

He has used these techniques to help countless people improve their performance, including Olympic athletes, children in youth camps, adults at his seminars and workshops, and for accelerated military marksmanship training.

Unlimited Power isn't intended to be light reading. It is a workbook that will be most valuable when you actually take the time to do the exercises and activities described. Considering the (paperback) book is 421 pages long, this will take considerable time and dedication. If you get the promised benefits, the effort will be worthwhile. Most people are more likely to get through the program by attending Tony's live workshops.

Unlimited Power isn't a crackpot exploration of pushing others around, but is a rational, practical course in accelerated human achievement.

Buy it on Amazon: Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement.

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