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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising -
Second Edition

By Perry Marshall, Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2018 by Michael C. Gray

Perry Marshall has established a track record as an internet marketing expert with his Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. Now he brings direct response marketing insight to Facebook Advertising in The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

Many small businesses are finding Facebook to be an effective and inexpensive way to promote their businesses. Others find they are spinning their wheels and not getting good results with their Facebook advertising.

Perry and his cohorts have provided a free tool to guide business owners about whether their business is a good candidate for Facebook advertising. It's a self quiz at Try the quiz before reading the book and investing a lot of time and money in Facebook advertising.

The authors point out that the social media marketing environment, including Facebook, is different from the internet in general. When you use Google or another search engine, you are usually looking for a solution to a problem. For example, you might search for a plumber because your toilet won't flush. People don't use Facebook to go shopping, but to make connections. The analogy is meeting people on the front porch, at a party, or at the coffee shop. Trying to sell a product or service without first engaging in a conversation is just rude.

First have a conversation. Share useful information. Then share your offering, "by the way" as news.

You must be subtle in your marketing strategy and approach.

Facebook provides powerful tools for targeting your marketing message.

It has also prescribed rules that are intended to "enhance the Facebook experience." If you violate the rules, you can be kicked out of Facebook.

The Facebook advertising tools and rules are constantly changing. The authors provide a web site and email updates to help keep their readers up to date.

Just reading a book isn't going to make you an expert in Facebook advertising. Following the examples in this book will help you take the necessary baby steps to learn how Facebook advertising works, including how to select the targeted audience for your messages and what types of messages have been successful in generating business.

It's hard work that many business owners have benefited from.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising is a useful guide for getting started using this powerful tool.

Buy it on Amazon: By Perry Marshall - Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion P (Second Edition) .

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