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*A Book Review*

The Ultimate Sales Machine

By Chet Holmes

by Michael C. Gray

October 17, 2014

Every business is in the sales and marketing business. If there are no sales, nothing else can happen in the organization. In The Ultimate Sales Machine, sales and marketing trainer and consultant Chet Holmes tells how to build the sales and marketing team in your company and gives a plan to aggressively acquire customers and make sales.

Chet shows how to identify and recruit "star" salespeople.

He then tells us that sales training should be a regular process that should be happening every week. Salespeople need to be prepared with scripts and procedures for how to get appointments, how to make presentations, how to handle objections, and how to close sales.

Chet explains time management processes and procedures that companies should implement to assure that salespeople (and everyone else) stays on task.

Team members should also regularly brain storm for ideas for business development and improving the company.

According to Chet, companies can achieve fast growth by identifying a "Dream 100" list of customers that can potentially make high volume orders and then pursue them with "pigheaded discipline."

His marketing plan includes intensive communication with an offer of education to help improve the customer's business (or life), initially with a "special report." The campaign includes telephone follow up to make an appointment to deliver the information in person. In this process, the salesperson is identified as a "speaker" who is delivering valuable information. No other sales effort takes place until a relationship is established with decision makers.

When appropriate, the informational "orientation" can be delivered in a webinar to leverage the delivery.

Chet gives a lot of details about how to implement his strategies and provides web-based tools to supplement the book.

It's evident from studying this material that marketing and sales is hard work, but essential work. Chet has a track record of solid results by implementing his strategies. I highly recommend that you buy and study The Ultimate Sales Machine.

Buy it on Amazon: The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies.

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