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*A Book Review*

Twitter Power

By Joel Comm

by Michael C. Gray

August 5, 2009

Social Media is the new "hot technology" to be enjoyed in building a circle of friends and for promoting a business.

Even big companies like Victoria's Secret, Home Depot and Jack In The Box are using social media as part of their corporate image campaigns.

Barack Obama distinguished himself by making social media the core of his successful 2008 Presidential campaign.

Youngsters are the early adopters for these services. Janet Panen, a USC student who works with me, told me she sends about 4,000 text messages a month!

That leaves old timers like me playing catch up.

Twitter is particularly interesting because of its "relay" feature. If your message is appealing enough, it has the potential of being forwarded to a widespread group of Twitter subscribers who aren't your followers.

The limitations of your messages – only 140 characters – can be challenging, but you can link to other sites – blog posts, Facebook, or web sites – where more details can be found. You can also set up your systems to notify your "followers" when you post an update.

In Twitter Power, social marketing teacher Joel Comm explains how Twitter works, including a chapter on how to get started. (I'm still working on getting my Profile set up after two weeks. Darn!)

How do you post and read Twitter messages on your cell phone?

How do you build your own list of followers?

How do you link different applications together?

How do you measure your readership?

What is the "social media etiquette" for promoting your business using Twitter, so you don't drive your followers away?

How often should you post messages?

How do you find people you want to follow?

You'll find the answers to these and many other questions here.

As a bonus, you'll have access to four Social Media webinars, valued at $197. (They do include some valuable information and the expected "pitch" for upsell products.)

If you're a Social Media novice, like me, you'll find Twitter Power to be a worthwhile investment.

Buy it on Amazon: Twitter Power 3.0: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time.

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