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*A Book Review*

The Trick to Money Is Having Some!

By Stuart Wilde

by Michael C. Gray

June 30, 2006

The Trick to Money Is Having Some! is a different sort of book about money. The theme of the book is that money can be attracted to us or repelled simply because of how we think about money and our attitudes towards money.

Money is simply a thought-form, a symbol of energy.

As heretical as it may sound, being poor is a sin! How can a child of an abundant God be poor? Abundance is God-given. You actually have to work hard to be poor and fight the flow of the abundance of life.

When you see yourself as an abundant being (even with a small bank account), living in an abundant world, you open yourself to receive more of the good things in life.

Instead of looking at the acquisition of money as a game you play with forces outside of yourself, see it as a game you play with yourself.

Most people in the world live in the survival mode, where money is a symbol of survival. Stuart Wilde calls this the tick-tock mode. According to Wilde, we should adjust or "click" our thinking so money becomes a symbol of freedom. Then opportunities flow and money comes with less effort. When others come to find out how you did it, bill them!

Thinking and feeling are all well and good, but action is also required to materialize wealth. Wilde uses the analogy of the Mongols in describing the exercise of will power. The Mongolian troops went to war with all of their possessions, their wives and their children. They couldn’t lose, because everything was on the line!

If you feel unworthy of the money you earn or of achievement, consider reading The Trick to Money Is Having Some! for an attitude adjustment that may help you increase the altitude of your results!

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