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*A Book Review*


By Gino Wickman

by Michael C. Gray

September 7, 2017

In Traction, Gino Wickman provides a blueprint for building and managing a business.

This book complements The Emyth by outlining a step by step process for creating the systems that make a business work.

The core of the process is communication. The members of the management team must first agree on what the purpose of the business is. What are the core values and the core focus of the business? This is important to avoid being distracted by opportunities that don't fit with that purpose. Some members of the management team might not be able to agree on the purpose, and they might have to leave.

The key management members must be identified who are responsible for the various functions, such as management, sales and marketing, operations and finance.

Since it's the people in the business who will make it work, each existing employee and prospective employee should be evaluated to get the "right person in the right seat" in the "company bus." It may be some employees should be reassigned within the company. Some employees should seek opportunities in another opportunity where they are a better fit and must be let go.

Long-term and short term objectives need to be agreed upon by the management team, and then action plans developed to accomplish them. The action plans need to be prioritized, given target dates and defined ways to measure their accomplishment.

Ultimately, each person in the company should have a number that they are focused on achieving or improving.

The employees must be involved and informed about all of this through brief, focused, regularly scheduled meetings. Most employees are skeptical of meetings and believe they are a waste of time. The management team must be sure the meetings are focused and productive for the process to work.

Nobody said building an business organization is easy, but Traction is proving to be a useful guide for business owners and managers to accomplish it successfully.

Buy it on Amazon: Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.

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