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Better Business Idea #68

Keep in touch

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May 28, 2004

Our customers (and clients) and prospective customers have busy lives. Despite our fantasies of the "great relationship" that we have with them, they won't think of us unless we take action to remind them we are here to serve them.

Believing our customers will continue to think of us after one contact, such as a sales letter, is like a guy expecting a girl to think of him six months after one date. (If she does, it's probably not very fondly.) Relationships have to be nurtured with continuous contact. That's why a monthly newsletter is a helpful part of a marketing plan. In addition to a newsletter, sending greeting cards for special occasions, "thought this might interest you" clippings and a stream of offers also help to keep in touch.

With new restrictions on contacting prospective customers, including "do not call" and "anti-spam" legislation, maintaining the relationship with existing customers is even more vital for the survival and prosperity of a business. More attention should be given to increasing what the business can offer to its existing customers as compared to getting new customers.

By keeping in touch with existing customers and prospective customers who have expressed an interest in our products and services by responding to lead generation advertising, we should be in the forefront of their minds when they are ready to buy what we offer. For example, Jane may inquire about a dentist, but not have an urgent need to take action. Then she breaks a tooth. Now she urgently needs a dentist! Who does she call? If a dentist she inquired to has been continuously sending a newsletter, and possibly a "tooth" refrigerator magnet with contact information, that dentist has a very good chance of being called. (It would also really help if the initial contact was by referral to give more confidence.)

How will you keep in touch with your existing and prospective customers so they will come to you when they are ready to buy?

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