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*A Book Review*

Selling Rules!

By Murray Raphel

by Michael C. Gray

January 28, 2002

Murray Raphel is a marketing guru to the retail industry. He developed a small baby shop into Gordon's Alley, a multi-million dollar retail complex. Murray Raphael is a regular columnist in Direct Marketing magazine and is an international speaker on ideas to increase sales.

In this little book, only 102 pages, Murray shares 52 ways you can achieve sales success as a business owner.

This book succinctly presents fundamentals for business success, mostly explained in one page with a cartoon illustration. If you focused on one of the chapters each week, implementing the method in your business, you would undoubtedly improve the performance of your business.

Some of the ways to improve your business include "Perservere," "Listen," "Smile," "Always give the buyer a choice between something and something," and "Practice the Rule of Three."

It's not what you know, it's what you do with what you know that counts!

Put Murray Raphel's 52 Selling Rules to work in your business and enjoy more business success.

Buy it on Amazon: Selling Rules!.

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Selling Rules!, by Murray Raphael, explains 52 ways to achieve sales success.

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