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The Relationship Age

Featuring Mari Smith

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2011 by Michael C. Gray

The Social Media revolution is happening so fast it can make your head spin!

The choices keep expanding, including MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more.

As a business owner, how can you approach using these new services to effectively promote your business? How do you even get started?

The Relationship Age is a collection of articles by social media "experts" from around the world that include tips and suggestions for getting into social media and enhancing web sites. The overriding message is that you will receive long-term benefits by using social media to build relationships with your current and prospective customers. Just as making "in person" friends takes time and effort, so does making social media "friends."

Understand that this "Tom Sawyer white washing" collaboration is a joint marketing effort. The contributors all offer services and support to business owners who want to use social media effectively.

Even those experienced in using social media will find useful ideas for promoting their business.

The "star" contributor for the book is Mari Smith. Mari is an evangelist for social media. She makes presentations at major marketing events in addition to having her own live and web events.

The other contributors are from the U.S., Great Britain and Australia. Seeing insights from people around the world makes this book especially interesting to read.

This book will be especially valuable reading for business owners who are getting started with social media, but even those who are experienced will find valuable ideas to improve their results.

Buy it on Amazon: The Relationship Age.

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A collection of articles by social media experts from around the world with tips and suggestions for enhancing your brand.

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