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*A Book Review*

Reclaim the Magic

By Lee Milteer

by Michael C. Gray

March 3, 2016

Lee Milteer is a speaker, writer, and performance coach. She has had remarkable success coaching ambitious entrepreneurs in the GKIC Peak Performers Implementation Coaching Group. She helps participants eliminate mental and emotional blocks to achieve peak performance.

Her achievements are remarkable considering the obstacles she had to overcome as a woman in the speaking field and as a PWD (person without a degree). She has been a speaker and trainer for Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3M, Sales & Marketing Executive International, and many more.

In Reclaim the Magic, Lee distills success and spiritual concepts for successful living. Many of the ideas that she discusses are covered in other books, like Think and Grow Rich!, Psycho Cybernetics, and A New Earth. However, she brings her own experiences and a woman's point of view into her conversation, which makes this book unique and pertinent.

She chose the title, Reclaim the Magic, because it seems like children experience life as magical, but the magical experience fades when we grow up. Lee is trying to help her readers rediscover the magic that life offers to us.

Lee experienced a challenging childhood, growing up on a ranch. Her parents weren't supportive of her. They preferred boys for working on the ranch.

Fortunately, Lee had a neighbor and a grandmother who taught her to appreciate her spiritual gifts and that she had spiritual guides to help her.

You might be fascinated by Chapter 2, My Magical Story, where Lee relates how she was saved from a rape by a paranormal experience.

I particularly like Chapter 13, The Magic of Forgiveness, reminding us that forgiveness mostly benefits the forgiver and doesn't mean you have to set yourself up to be continually hurt.

I also like Chapter 14, The Magic of Your Attitude, which includes a section on The Magic of Gratitude. Being grateful helps us attract more of what we are grateful for into our lives.

Reclaim the Magic would make a great graduation gift, especially for young women. It is worthwhile reading for anyone.

Buy it on Amazon: Reclaim the Magic: The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want.

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