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*A Book Review*

Thou Shall Prosper

By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

by Michael C. Gray

April 9, 2012

A stumbling block for many on their road to success is a feeling of guilt that they enjoy prosperity that others less fortunate don't.

In Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains the Jewish tradition of embracing prosperity earned by honest effort and providing goods and services valued by your customers. He calls this endeavor "ethical capitalism".

Rabbi Lapin has actual experience in this subject, because he elected to not be supported by his congregation, but through his own efforts as a business consultant.

The subtitle for this book is "Ten Commandments for Making Money". I'm not going to list the ten commandments in this brief review, but encourage you to read them for yourself.

Jewish businesspersons might find this book especially relevant for understanding their own traditions. Christian businesspersons will find it useful in understanding foundations of their own faith. Zig Ziglar, who is well known as a fundamentalist Christian business teacher heartily endorses the book. Those who aren't of the Jewish or Christian persuasion may also find it of value as a philosophical study.

Rabbi Lapin points out that much of the Bible is about business.

He also explains that money and business are actually spiritual. They involve spiritual characteristics such as faith and trust. (It's written on the back of our money.)

One of the commandments that many people will have trouble with is to give away ten percent of your after-tax income. This is a common theme in many books about accumulating wealth. In order to receive it, you have to be willing to give it away.

Throughout the book, Rabbi Lapin explains insights relating to the Hebrew language and Bible stories. I found these interesting because of my own interest in the Bible. I didn't always agree with his conclusions or assertions. For example, according to Jewish tradition, if there isn't a Hebrew word for something, it doesn't exist.

I recommend that you read Thou Shall Prosper for Rabbi Lapin's thought-provoking insights.

Buy it on Amazon: Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money.

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