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Predictable Revenue

By Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2015 by Michael C. Gray

In Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler provide a blueprint for building a modern sales department for large corporations.

Aaron Ross created a lead generation process and team at Salesforce.com that helped increase revenues $100 million in the first few years.

Aaron and Marylou Tyler now are the Managing Director and CEO of Predictable Revenue, Inc., an organization for teaching and coaching companies how to make selling easy and enjoyable while multiplying sales.

Cold calling demoralizes salespeople and drives them out of the selling profession.

At Salesforce.com, Aaron developed a process to eliminate cold calls through generating internal referrals within the target client company with email follow up so a call is expected.

Although some examples are included in the book, the authors aren't totally forthcoming because they don't want to reduce the effectiveness of the system for their paying customers by having readers of the book use identical sales messages.

A salesforce automation service like Salesforce.com is used to measure and manage the sales process to assure that there will be follow up for leads and to avoid duplication of effort by having more than one person or team working on the same prospective customer company.

The authors propose that the sales department be divided in to specialized functions. One group does outbound sales lead generation. Another group qualifies leads coming in from a website. Another does the actual sales presentation and closing.

The book includes a suggested way to structure compensation for salespersons.

A training process is also outlined. Newer salespersons should be given time to develop their skills. During that period, they will be paid a salary. More experienced salespeople mentor newer salespeople.

Predictable Revenue is designed for large organizations that target corporate clients. It is also a lead generation piece for the Predictable Revenue, Inc. business.

The information in this book is clearly presented and will be valuable to study for larger businesses that want to grow and build a sales team that can generate predictable revenue.

Buy it on Amazon: Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com.

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