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By Brian Kurtz

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2019 by Michael C. Gray

Brian Kurtz has a long history in direct marketing with one of the largest mailers in the world, Bottom Line, Inc. (formerly Boardroom, Inc.) Together with publisher Martin Edelston, Brian took a modest newsletter company to become a publishing powerhouse. Its current newsletters include Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health, and Bottom Line, Inc. also publishes popular books like The Big Black Book, 30-Day Diabetes Cure, and many more.

Brian has a reputation as one of the foremost experts on mailing lists. He managed renting mailing lists from other direct marketing companies for Bottom Line, Inc. to use for its mailings and managed renting Bottom Line, Inc.'s mailing lists to other direct marketing companies. Today he is a consultant to direct marketing companies and facilitates mastermind groups for leaders in the direct marketing industry.

Now Brian has encapsulated more than 35 years of experience in direct marketing, featuring highlights of his experiences working with Martin Edelston at Bottom Line, Inc., in his new book, Overdeliver. As you'll discover when you read the book, Overdeliver isn't just about direct marketing, but is Brian's life philosophy.

Brian's principal message in this book is, "Not everything we do in marketing (and in life) is a revenue event… but everything we do is a relationship event."

Everything in marketing should be customer focused. Identifying hungry groups of customers willing to invest in solving problems and satisfying desires. Creating products and services to solve those problems and satisfy those desires. Delivering those products and services so well, including resolving complaints leaving customers with a good feeling, so that customers will love your business and want to continue patronizing your business for life, and won't be susceptible to the marketing messages of your competitors.

Brian covers the original sources of direct marketing knowledge, how to measure the effectiveness of advertising and marketing messages, list building - including recency, frequency and monetary, creating irresistible offers, creative and copy, using multiple channels for your marketing, customer service and fulfillment, and continuity and long-term value.

Keep your receipt when you buy the book. Brian really does overdeliver by giving online bonuses when you buy the book, including videos from the "Titans of Direct Response" conference (I was there - a once in a lifetime event!), videos about business development by Jay Abraham, videos of a one-day conference featuring internet marketing guru Perry Marshall and Brian Kurtz, PDFs of out-of-print "original source" books, and much more. These materials are hundreds of times more valuable than the modest price of Overdeliver! Your receipt is your "golden ticket" to these bonuses.

If you have any interest in marketing your business more effectively, you would be crazy not to grab and devour a copy of Overdeliver.

Buy it on Amazon: Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing.

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