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Better Business Idea #63

"Opportunities Can Be Traps"

© 2003 by Michael C. Gray

July 7, 2003

Ken Glickman, editor of Bottom Line Personal, recently was interviewed by Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing, resulting in an excellent two-tape series on time management. A profound comment by Mr. Glickman in the interview was, "Opportunities can be traps!"

As you become successful, more and more opportunities become available to you.

These opportunities can distract you from your principal business and from your other priorities in life, such as giving attention to your family relationships.

When you choose to do one thing, you are also choosing not to do other things that may actually be higher priorities for you.

So a very valuable word for time management is "No!" By saying "no" to a distraction, you are also saying "yes" to those activities that accomplish your highest priorities in life.

I highly recommend these audio interviews, which you can order from Piranha Marketing, Inc. at 480-858-0008.

Remember, we don't only have "one chance" in life. Life is a parade of opportunities for us to choose from. Choose carefully.

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Don't be sidetracked with good opportunities. Read the article to find out why.

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