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Better Business Idea #40


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August 30, 2000

A few years ago, I learned an attitude or visualization that I found very helpful in selling situations.

Just visualize having a line of customers waiting to be served. You do the best you can with the person you are serving now. He or she either buys or does not buy. He or she may be satisfied or not, happy or not, but you did the best you could, and he or she is on his or her way. Now you serve the next person in line.


Although you don't want to be lazy in serving the current customer, recognize that you can't win them all and the next customer deserves to be served by you at your best.


An advantage of using marketing techniques to establish a continuous stream of new and repeat customers is your life doesn't depend on this sale, so you can relax and not beat yourself up if it doesn't work out.


When you are not desperate to make this sale, the customer becomes more appreciative that your time is valuable and becomes a little concerned you may not be available. Dan Kennedy calls this "take away selling." The customer wants what you have to offer, and is afraid he or she can't get it. Not many people seek the guru at the bottom of a mountain. So the value of what you have to offer increases and your customer wants to do business with you because you don't have to make this sale. Your closing ratio and income should improve when you can say ...


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