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Outrageous Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns

By Bill Glazer

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2018 by Michael C. Gray

Many business owners aren't very effective in promoting their businesses. The reason is their passion and background is in what the business does. Doctors are steeped in medicine, building contractors in building, hardware retailers in hardware, etc. Bill Glazer has assembled models of successful marketing campaigns that can be used by any business for promotions throughout the year. Bill calls these outrageous campaigns because they must be outrageous to get the attention of prospective customers.

Bill Glazer started as a menswear store owner, but he then started implementing marketing lessons that he learned from marketing guru Dan Kennedy. Eventually, Bill bought Dan's information marketing business, Kennedy Inner Circle, and renamed it GKIC. Bill massively grew that business and sold it for a huge profit.

Bill later suffered a stroke that he is still recovering from. After a couple of years of therapy, he is now back in the public eye. He created this book as part of a fundraising effort to benefit a nonprofit Veterans Affairs program for stroke victims.

The first part of the book reviews the fundamentals of building an effective marketing campaign.

In part two, Bill explains the importance of having multiple steps. For example, some customers might pay more attention to emails and others to mail or texts.

Parts three and four are the "meat" of this book, consisting of 49 campaign examples contributed by Bill's group of outstanding marketers that he has worked with for many years. This book is 364 pages, so each campaign is sketched out in a few pages, with enough information that the idea of the campaign is clear. Sample language and copy cosmetics are included.

The examples include online and offline components for a variety of different businesses, including pizza parlors, professional practices, "bricks and mortar" businesses, information marketing businesses, and online businesses. With a little imagination, the campaigns can be adapted for any business.

Part five is a recap to pull the pieces together to change a good business into a great business.

Outrageous Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns is an invaluable toolkit for any business owner, for a very small investment: only $25, including shipping.

You can't buy the book on Amazon or in book stores. To get your copy, go to

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