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*A Book Review*

The Soul of Money

By Lynne Twist

by Michael C. Gray

We can change our relationship with money.

Instead of viewing money as a scarce commodity to be pursued, we can function from a base of sufficiency – we have enough money to use it wisely as stewards to provide for ourselves and for others, to create a legacy. We can become more concerned with allocation and less with accumulation.

Money carries the intentions of those who use it – whether carrying the guilt of corporate gifts to offset wrongdoing, or the generosity of a housekeeper giving a day’s wages to help others in need.

Lynne Twist has a purpose and viewpoint in writing The Soul Of Money. She has worked tirelessly in fundraising and in volunteer work for organizations like The Hunger Project. By changing how we view money as being a spiritual agent, she is hoping to open our hearts and our pocketbooks to help others and benefit ourselves in the process.

According to Lynne Twist, there are three toxic myths of scarcity. 1) There’s not enough. This belief creates a fear base that underlies many of our decisions and actions. 2) More is better. This belief drives a competitive culture of accumulation, acquisition and greed that heightens fears and quickens the pace of the race, but doesn’t make life more valuable. 3) That’s just the way it is. This belief creates an environment of hopelessness and disempowerment.

Buckminster Fuller, the futurist who invented the geodesic dome, said we need to change the basis of our society from a competitive "you or me" basis to a partnership "you and me" basis.

Poverty can be self-perpetuating. In India, parents disfigured their children to stimulate more pity when begging in the streets, and begging has become an industry. In poorer countries, like Bangladesh, poverty had to be encouraged to continue receiving foreign handouts. Finally, The Hunger Project worked with people in the villages in Bangladesh to help them visualize what an independent Bangladesh would look like, stimulating ideas and action to create an independent society.

The Soul of Money is a thought-provoking book. No matter what your economic circumstances may be, you will benefit from re-examining your relationship with money.

Buy it on Amazon: The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources.

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The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist, helps you change your relationship with money to provide for ourselves and help others.

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