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*A Book Review*

Successful Direct Marketing Methods

By Bob Stone

by Michael C. Gray

March 30, 2001

In my readings of materials on advertising (including the master, David Ogilvy's) and direct marketing, there is one book that is consistently included on the "further reading" list - Successful Direct Marketing Methods by Bob Stone.

Bob Stone is one of the "old timers" of direct marketing, with a wealth of experience. He is a columnist for Direct Marketing magazine, has written over 200 articles on direct marketing for Advertising Age, founded his own direct marketing advertising agency, Stone and Adler, Inc., and is an Adjunct Professor of Direct Marketing at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

In this book, which has been a "bible" of the direct marketing industry for a quarter of a century, Mr. Stone gives a survey of the full range of direct marketing, from direct mail to the internet.

The book is academically oriented. It is probably used as a textbook in many college classes on direct marketing. This can make it challenging to read.

It is also very practical, reflecting the experience of Mr. Stone and the other experts who have contributed to the book. Mr. Stone's approach to creating the book was to recruit an expert in the various areas of direct marketing to explain how it works.

The book includes sections on how direct marketing can be a part of an overall marketing and business strategy and the mechanics of testing. Sections on copywriting, designing direct mail packages, and catalogue selling are also included.

To gain a flavor of the range of direct marketing approaches and to have a useful reference of practical direct marketing techniques, you will want to read Successful Direct Marketing Methods and have a copy in your business library.

Buy it on Amazon: Successful Direct Marketing Methods.

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