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*A Book Review*

The E-Myth Manager

By Michael E. Gerber

by Michael C. Gray

In The E-Myth Manager, Michael Gerber extends the concepts he explored for the owner of the small business in The E-Myth to the manager within the organization.

Gerber's premise is the manager should see him/herself as an entrepreneur within his/her areas of responsibility in the organization.

According to Gerber, organizations become dysfunctional for two primary reasons. First, the individuals within the organization are pursuing someone else's vision or goals. They have sold their souls to the organization. Second, managers are trying to accomplish an impossible task - to manage other people.

The solution for the first problem starts with a self-examination by the individuals. What do I want from life? How will working within this organization contribute to my life? Managers should be mentors to their workers in helping them formulate and reach their personal goals within the framework of the organization.

The solution to the second problem is to focus on managing systems instead of people. As much as possible, the processes of the organization need to systematized and measured, so the organization isn't dependent on individual people but on the systems of how work is to be done.

The systems of the organization should be designed around delivering the organization's marketing promise -- delivering the product or service -- and how the product or service will be delivered (the customer's experience) every single time.

Gerber examines these ideas through a dialogue with a frustrated manager within his own organization. This helps make understanding what he is saying easier and helps the reader identify with the situation he is explaining.

Michael Gerber shares valuable ideas in this book which, if applied, should help you build an organization that the owners, managers and workers will find rewarding and humane. Visit his web site at

Buy it on Amazon: The E-Myth Manager: Why Management Doesn't Work - and What to Do About It.

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