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How To REALLY Use LinkedIn

By Jan Vermeiren

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2009 by Michael C. Gray

Social media is a hot topic right now. I decided to read about LinkedIn with the idea of using it for our viral media campaigns.

I was attracted to this book because of the title, so make a mental note of this headline as effective.

An interesting feature of this book is that Jan Vermeiren is Belgian and the book was translated into English. Since Brussels is the headquarters of the European Common Market, this seems appropriate. There are some rough spots with grammar and word choices, but I didn't find them overly distracting. If I was the book publisher, I would have it cleaned up.

Jan Vermeiren's company, Networking Coach, provides training and coaching services for large and small companies in Europe. He wrote another book called Let's Connect, and offers an Everlasting Referrals Home Study Course.

The basic information is solid. Jan explains the benefits of business networking and how Linked In fits in with the process. He explains the "etiquette" for users and how to build your "list." He explains the process of making introductions and being introduced.

Unlike Twitter and FaceBook, LinkedIn is designed for business users. That makes it a desirable site for building relationships with these users.

The potential reach of Linked In is very limited compared to Twitter or Facebook. You can have virtually unlimited Twitter followers and followers can retweet your messages to their followers. On Facebook you can have 5,000 friends and unlimited fans. On Linked In, you can only have 500 contacts and a maximum of 1,000 in a group. You can establish yourself as an expert by answering questions and participating in Discussions.

I'm looking forward to applying the information in this book to REALLY use Linked In. Here is a source of information to decide if you also want to.

Buy it on Amazon: How to REALLY use LinkedIn.

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