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*A Book Review*

No BS Marketing to Leading-Edge Boomers and Seniors

By Dan S. Kennedy and Chip Kessler

by Michael C. Gray

March 6, 2013

While most advertising appears to be for young "fashionistas" (probably because most of the people working at advertising agencies fit that profile), leading edge (age 58 to 66) boomers and seniors are the largest economic group in America, with annual spending power of more than $2 trillion. If you want to "go where the money is," this is the market to study.

The "baby boomers" have always been an economic bulge in our population, demanding the attention of any serious marketer.

In No BS Marketing to Leading-Edge Boomers & Seniors, marketing guru Dan Kennedy and Chip Kessler profile this group, including how they want to be marketed to.

For example, the restaurant industry hasn't been growing and is predicted to remain fairly flat through 2019. The reason is that the LEB/S is dining out less. The attitude seems to be, "Let's just stay home and avoid the aggravation."

"If you want LEB/S consumers, you are going to have to create and deliver an experience matched with their preferences, or at minimum, one absent factors they find annoying and off-putting."

Most LEB/S individuals are concerned with living vital lives, and maintaining as much of their youth as they can. They don't like being called "seniors." They identify with an age 15 years younger than their chronological age, which should be kept in mind when selecting photos for advertising to them.

This group shares a culture of post World War II America, of hard work and exuberance, not entitlement. Meanwhile, 4 in 10 adults age 18 to 34 are living under their parents' roof. This isn't the picture we are getting from "Modern Family" on television, but should be a scene painted in more advertising messages.

Kennedy also talks about seniors over age 66 as a demographic group in this book. Many seniors are still carrying emotional scars from the Great Depression that make them thrifty to the extreme, although they are still willing to spend on their hobbies or areas of interest.

With a retail price of only $17.95, the No BS Guide to Marketing To Leading-Edge Boomers & Seniors is a bargain of marketing research and insights. This is a very timely book that you should own and study if you are in sales or business.

Buy it on Amazon: No B.S. Guide to Marketing to Leading Edge Boomers & Seniors: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Take No Prisoners Roadmap to the Money.

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