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Inside The Magic Kingdom

By Tom Connellan

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2010 by Michael C. Gray

As business owners, we can aspire to create a magical experience for our customers so they become raving fans that want to return again and again.

Inside The Magic Kingdom includes seven lessons that can be implemented in any organization to emulate Disney magic or "pixie dust." Tom Connellan communicates the lessons using a "business novel" or story approach of business executives being led by a facilitator to better learn how Disney does it.

Here is a list of the lessons:

  1. The competition is anyone the customer compares you with. (The customer is judging you by comparing his or her experience with your company compared with his or her experience with every other company.)
  2. Pay fantastic attention to detail. (Get the little things right and the big things may take care of themselves. Details make a deep subconscious impression.)
  3. Everyone walks the talk. (You need a buy-in to customer delight from the CEO to the janitor. By the way, even the CEO is a janitor!)
  4. Everything walks the talk. (Disney even uses 24-karat gold-leaf paint on its carousels. The customer may not know the difference, but everyone who works at Disney knows the difference.)
  5. Customers are best heard through many ears. (If a major purpose is to please the customer so he or she wants to come back for more, it’s a good idea to know what the customer likes and doesn’t like. That goes beyond a survey. What insights do the "cast members" who are serving the customers have about what customers like and don’t like?)
  6. Reward, recognize, and celebrate. (In too many organizations, employees only receive feedback for their deficiencies. Why not reinforce great work by "catching" them doing it right and giving them recognition for it?)
  7. Xvxryonx makxs a diffxrxncx. (Don’t let any "cast member" believe for a moment he or she isn’t important to the organization. Each interaction of a company representative with a customer is a "moment of truth" to demonstrate how the company, which is simply the sum total of it’s people, cares.

To internalize the lessons, you and the members of your company really should read and discuss this book as it relates to your company. In the process, you might even make a hit with your kids!

Buy it on Amazon: Inside the Magic Kingdom : Seven Keys to Disney's Success.

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