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*A Book Review*

Lessons From The Art Of Juggling

By Michael J. Gelb and Tony Buzan

by Michael C. Gray

October 28, 1998

Lessons From The Art Of Juggling is a fun book written to help us understand how we learn and how to encourage learning within an organization.

The authors make this a truly "active learning" experience. They teach us, step by step, the process for learning how to juggle. The reader is encouraged to tap into his or her desire to learn how to juggle (Haven't you always wanted to? You'll amaze your friends!), or to pretend he or she wants to learn to juggle.

This is a "Zen" learning experience. You internalize insights from the process of doing.

The principal lesson is failure is a necessary part of the learning process. Therefore, organizations must encourage employees to risk failure, and then to evaluate what is learned from the failure, in order to keep organizational vitality.

Another lesson is that in order to perform at our highest level, we must learn to relax and act from our subconscious. When we can do that, we are operating at the mastery level.

In order to accept failure and to relax, we must practice unconditional self-acceptance. Our self esteem should not be destroyed by our failures.

The key to learning how to juggle is to focus on how to throw, not how to catch, and to practice.

Here is a book from which you can not only learn how to build an organization that is more emotionally healthy, but learn a skill that will be great for stress reduction and will make you popular at parties! Enjoy!

Buy it on Amazon: Lessons From The Art Of Juggling: How to Achieve Your Full Potential in Business, Learning, and Life.

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