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Better Business Idea #54

Key Your Promotion To Holidays

© 2001 by Michael C. Gray

December 10, 2001

Despite all of the concern about the commercialization of holidays, business persons should key into them for their promotion efforts. Businesses perform a valuable service to their customers by providing the means to celebrate important occasions in their lives.

In marketing, two things we are trying to do is to give prospective customers a "reason why" we are making our offer and to harmonize with the thought processes that are already taking place in prospective customers' minds. The "reason why" simply means giving the customer an excuse for the timing of the offer. Since holidays and commemorative days happen regularly and many people observe them for the progression of the year, it only makes sense to key into them.

Many people say, "That doesn't apply to my business." Meanwhile their competitors exercise only a little creativity in using the strategy. For example, a house painter has a Thanksgiving promotion to give free quotes to paint homes. A men's clothing store sends a Thanksgiving card to customers with an offer relating to an after-Thanksgiving sale.

Some seasons for promotion are a "natural." A storage shed company could have a "May Day" spring cleaning promotion. Shops that specialize in ladies' formal wear key into the seasons for winter and spring balls and proms.

There are many books available in your bookstore and library listing holidays and commemorative days for special interests.

Using only a little imagination, you can and should plan a series of campaigns for your business during the next year based on holidays and commemorative days.

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