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The Golden Mailbox

By Ted Nicholas

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2017 by Michael C. Gray

After being out of print for some time, a classic explanation of the direct mail business is now available again - The Golden Mailbox.

Direct marketers recognize the internet as media. When you think of it, Amazon is a gigantic catalogue.

The principles on which selling online came from is direct mail. Ted Nicholas is a master of the direct mail business. He has sold over a million copies of his book, How To Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer for under $75. He has sold millions of dollars other books and services and published a newsletter and taught seminars to other entrepreneurs about how to be successful in direct mail.

In The Golden Mailbox, Ted Nicholas tells A to Z how to create your own direct sales company, including direct response opportunities and pitfalls, how to choose products, how to create winning offers, how to create direct response advertising campaigns, how to write copy that sells, how to test marketing pieces, how to manage productions costs, how to fulfill orders, and legal and ethical concerns.

When this book was originally published in 1988, the internet was just getting off the ground. Ted Nicholas didn't believe it had enough traction at that time to be a serious media. How times have changed.

With a little imagination, this material can easily be translated and applied online.

It's useful when participating in a direct selling business to know its history. You will find a wealth of information from hard-earned experience in The Golden Mailbox.

Buy it on Amazon: The Golden Mailbox: How to Get Rich Direct Marketing Your Product.

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The Golden Mailbox, by Ted Nicholas, explains the basics of direct response marketing for snail mail, but these techniques can be easily adapted for use online.

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