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The Power to Get In

By Michael A. Boylan

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2022 by Michael C. Gray

Salespeople face a challenge. The fact you are a salesperson automatically raises a customer's defenses. (This also applies to individuals seeking employment.) Organizations are structured with gatekeepers and roadbocks to insulate key executives. Key executives are the individuals with the authority to make decisions. You have a proposition that will greatly benefit the organization. How can you present that proposition to the right people who will understand and have the authority to accept the proposition?

Michael Boylan has developed an honest and ethical strategy for getting in to meet with key executives, which he shares in his training courses and his book, The Power to Get In. The strategy has a proven successful track record.

Organizations are opening up again for personal meetings. Michael Boylan emphasizes that personal meetings are far superior to telephone calls and video conferences for developing personal relationships and making effective presentations.

The strategy initially requires research about the organization that you want to do business with. You can find some information online about the organization. You will probably also have to get it from a library. In some cases, you might have to pay to access databases or get help getting the information. You need to identify who the key executives are in the organization and how they interrelate with each other. You also want to identify competing organizations and their executives. You also might have to call the organization to find out who these executives are.

Never make an unprepared cold call. Initially send letters to the target key executive and the executive just above them and one just below them. Simultaneously send letters to similar groups of executives for competitors. In your letter, tell who else you are sending information to. Tell when you will call to arrange an appointment. Highlight the problem you can help solve and benefits to the organization from working with you.

Never disclose the details of your proposition outside of an actual meeting.

Refer to your letter with the executive or their administrative assistant. If they can't locate it, fax it or email it to them. Tell the administrative assistant that you don't immediately need to talk to their boss. Tell who you are and who else has received the letter. Ask the administrative assistant to just find out if their boss has read the letter and, if yes, will the boss meet with you tomorrow or the next day. You'll call again for the responses.

The book includes planning forms, sample letters, telephone scripts, sample scenarios and case histories.

If you have a proposition (including seeking employment) to offer an organization, now is a great time to study The Power to Get In and put this system to work for you!

Buy it at Amazon: The Power to Get In.

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