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The Fred Factor

By Mark Sanborn

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2018 by Michael C. Gray

Can each of us learn something from a mail man about customer service and a giving spirit?

Author and speaker Mark Sanborn has a remarkable mail man, named Fred.

Fred doesn't simply see his job as a boring chore of putting mail in people's mail boxes. He makes a point of meeting the customers on his route and getting to know them personally. Fred finds out their personal lifestyle so that he can provide some home security for them by holding their mail when they are out of town. He looks for flyers building up that could be an indication that they aren't home and gets them out of sight. Fred gets to know his customers as friends and takes an interest in what is happening in their lives and families.

Fred is one of those employees every employer should want to have, who takes a job that seems like mundane drudgery and makes it extraordinary and rewarding.

Are you a Fred? The best way to encourage other people people to be like Fred is to be a Fred yourself.

If you are an employer, don't you wish your employees were like Fred?

As a customer, don't you prefer to do business with companies that have employees like Fred?

All it takes is a little thoughtfulness and caring for others. It costs nothing, yet it is extremely valuable. It can certainly build a business, but it only works if you freely give with no expectation of return, BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.

This is a great book for you to read during this holiday season, or any time.

It's a great book to recommend to your friends. (I think it's best to let them buy it themselves because they are more likely to read it.)

If you are an employer, how about having new employees read it their first day on the job, instead of your personnel manual?

How about asking prospective job applicants to read it and then discuss it in their interview?

Large organizations could start a Fred club.

Getting this little book, The Fred Factor, and living its principles can lead to your having an extraordinary business and an extraordinary life!

Buy it on Amazon: The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.

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