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*A Book Review*

How to Position Yourself As
The Obvious ExpertTM

By Elsom Eldridge, Jr. and Mark L. Eldridge

by Michael C. Gray

September 14, 2005

How To Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert is a collection of methods for a consultant or service provider to promote his or her business.

The suggestions are solid, including publishing books, giving lectures and seminars, publishing a newsletter, writing magazine articles, getting publicity, joining beneficial organizations and networking.

The book also includes helpful worksheets and questionnaires to lead the reader through the planning and implementation process for marketing and promotional activities.

Studying the book itself as a "viral marketing" piece is almost as valuable as studying the ideas in the book. The Eldridges have salted their book with contributions by 150 other expert advisors, who will now promote the book because they contributed to it and their names appear in it.

The book also has multiple references to supplemental material at the Obvious Expert web site, which further promotes the Eldridge's consulting business.

Seeing how this book is arranged is interesting as a marketing study, but distracting to the reader. If the contributed supplemental material was integrated in the text instead of as marginal notes, it would take half the time to read and study.

If you have a consulting or service business, you will find How To Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert to be a worthwhile checklist of valuable strategies and ideas for marketing and promoting your business.

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