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*A Book Review*

For Entrepreneurs Only

By Wilson Harrell

by Michael C. Gray

December 20, 1999

Wilson Harrell was an entrepreneur par excellence.

For many years he wrote a monthly column on Entrepreneurship for Success magazine. He also was the publisher of Inc. magazine.

Among the many products that Harrell sold, his most famous was Formula 409. His business partners included celebrities including Art Linkletter, Lorne Green and Michael Landon.

I really enjoyed this book, because Harrell shares the mindset and psychology of the entrepreneur. Harrell calls entrepreneurs members of the Club of Terror. The life of an entrepreneur revolves around risk and uncertainty. He or she is surrounded by enemies who throw obstacles in his or her path, including the IRS and bureaucrats in government and large corporations.

Harrell paints entrepreneurs as a breed apart from "small business owners." Entrepreneurs are dynamos who create new ventures with the potential for extraordinary growth.

His purpose in explaining what entrepreneurs are like and how they think is to reveal there is a "third market" for business products and services that is not currently being served – the entrepreneurial market. Most providers of business products and services target and understand the requirements of large corporations and small businesses, but they don’t design their products or their marketing for the requirements of entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll enjoy For Entrepreneurs Only because you have found a kindred spirit.

If you are not an entrepreneur but you have entrepreneur customers or want more entrepreneurs as customers, you will find For Entrepreneurs Only an invaluable resource to better understand the mindset and requirements of this special group of people.

Buy it on Amazon: For Entrepreneurs Only.

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Wilson Harrell's book, For Entrepreneurs Only, explains how entrepreneurs (as opposed to small business owners) think.

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