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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Your S___ Together, Vol. 2

By John Carlton

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2019 by Michael C. Gray

John Carton is an "A" list copywriter and marketing consultant. John had a great apprenticeship and partnership with Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham, and did some fulfillment writing for Gary Bencivenga. He was the "secret weapon" to handle the most difficult assignments of Los Angeles advertising agencies before going for "big league" assignments with publishers like Phillips and Agora and finally assembling a suite of exclusive direct response clients that he works with today with the agreement they will use his ads as he writes them, unchanged.

This guy knows what he's talking about relating to marketing a small business and entrepreneurial self-management.

For years I paid dearly to receive his monthly "Marketing Rebel Rant" newsletters.

Now John has published a second collection of the best of those newsletters, in The Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Your S___ Together, Vol. 2.

The title is intended to be a tip-off that this is genuine, no-holds barred business advice, firmly grounded in the sometimes unpleasant reality of being in business.

The book includes an Entrepreneur's "Starter" Checklist, a Reality Check System, a Quick-Start Mentoring List and a chapter about How To Hire A Copywriter that every entrepreneur should keep at hand.

A lot of the book is developed to the "head trip" of being an entrepreneur, like making goals, meeting deadlines, avoiding being taken advantage of by customers (and employees), and making sure you "recharge your batteries" by taking REAL vacations and sabbaticals.

John has a direct, "kick your butt" writing style that I personally enjoy. His advice is hard-boiled, based on his personal experience, starting as a Malibu beach bum and deciding to make something of his life without losing his soul.

If you are an entrepreneur, want to be an entrepreneur, or you are an entrepreneurial employee, you'll want to have and study both volumes of The Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Your S___ Together.

Buy it on Amazon: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Your S*** Together Volume Two.

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