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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Your S____ Together, Vol. 1

By John Carlton

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2015 by Michael C. Gray

John Carlton is a veteran "A List" copywriter. That means he knows how to write "killer" advertisements, sales letters and web pages that sell like crazy. He has been the "secret weapon" of main street advertising agencies, worked intimately with marketing legends Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham, and written marketing pieces for huge mailing houses like Rodale.

More recently he specializes in writing for entrepreneurs, especially marketing martial arts and golf information products, and teaching others how to develop their promotional writing skills.

Although you can now follow John Carlton's blog at, for several years he had a paid subscription newsletter, called The Marketing Rebel Rant. I was a subscriber.

Now John has assembled some of his favorite articles from the Rant in The Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Your S___ Together, Vol. 1.

John shares copywriting and marketing tips as well as practical self-organization lessons. This isn't "ivory tower" material, but comes from "in the trenches" and "school of hard knocks" practical experience.

The language that he uses throughout is like the title, as if he was sitting with you at a bar sharing his personal story. If you're easily offended, don't bother reading this book. If you're interested in learning how someone who mostly works from home enjoys a financially free lifestyle, you will find valuable insights here.

Despite his informal appearance, John is tremendously disciplined. He takes his deadlines and commitments very seriously. His reputation is that he can be depended on to deliver killer material on schedule.

He is serious about researching what he is selling and the psychological appeals that will grab the reader by the throat.

John also writes about trying to bring balance to his life so that he doesn't get burned out. Occasionally he kicks himself for accepting an assignment when he was trying to clear his schedule for some personal time.

John also believes in keeping a considerable amount of cash available, so that you're in the position of not being desperate for work and being able to comfortably say "No!" to projects you don't want to accept.

This is an excellent and captivating book and would make a great graduation gift for a young person entering the "real world" of work. I paid hundreds of dollars to receive this information as a subscriber, and now you can have it for $25 or less.

I'm looking forward to Volume 2.

Buy it on Amazon: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Your Shit Together.

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