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Selling With Emotional Intelligence

By Mitch Anthony

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2013 by Michael C. Gray

Knowing sales techniques and developing sales scripts can only take you so far. A higher level of sales professionalism and success requires a deep understanding of the customer. If you don't understand the emotional requirements for the customer, you might fight the customer's emotions with your sales approach, which will result in offending the customer and losing the sale.

A personality style of a customer may conflict with the personality style of the salesperson. Unless the salesperson can adapt to the customer's style or turn the sale over to a more compatible salesperson, the salesperson won't be able to build rapport with the customer and will likely lose the sale.

In Selling With Emotional Intelligence, Mitch Anthony explains four different personality styles, whether they are compatible or in conflict, how to identify the style of a customer, and how to adapt to them. We all share some of the personality traits, but one tends to be dominant.Different types of customers have different requirements for the amounts and types of information presented and the rate at which it is presented.

The Togetherness personality is a feeling-oriented mode of relating. This group is most concerned with building relationships. These people have difficulty making decisions because they try to please everyone. They are more concerned with building a relationship with the salesperson than in the details of the product or service. The pace for Togetherness people is slow because it takes time to build genuine relationships.

The Enterpriser personality is very dynamic and results-oriented. These are competitive individuals and tend to be impulsive. They are most concerned with how the product or service contributes to achieving their goals. The pace for Enterprisers is fast. They are impatient and want to move quickly in accomplishing things.

The Analyzer personality is accuracy-oriented. They are worried about making a mistake, so they can suffer from analysis paralysis. They are very logical in their approach. These individuals will want all of the details about the product or service offered. The pace for Analyzers is slow, because they want to gather all of the facts before making a decision.

The Motivator personality is high energy. They love to encourage others to achieve their own goals. They enjoy persuading others and are fun-loving people. Many salespeople are motivators. These people are impulsive and spontaneous. Motivators aren't concerned with details, but more concerned with the salesperson's enthusiasm for the product or service. The pace for Motivators is fast. Their motto is, "Ready, fire, aim!"

You can see that a Motivator could go crazy selling to or being sold by an Analyzer. Their pace and requirements for information are totally different.

To gain insight into these personality styles and develop a more effective selling approach, you should read, study and apply Selling With Emotional Intelligence.

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