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Did you give Dan Kennedy a testimonial?

October 10, 2011

Date:  29 Sep 2011
From:  Tim

Hi Michael,

I live in the East Bay Area and noticed a testimomial by a Michael Gray, CPA in the book by Dan Kennedy, The Ultimate Marketing Plan. I have been intrigued by the writings of Dan Kennedy and wanted to ask if you are the same Michael Gray in the book, and if so, do you still recommend the books and marketing plans by Dan Kennedy?

Regardless, I appreciate your time and wish you all the best!

Best Regards,


Date:  3 Oct 2011

Hello Tim,

You probably did see a testimonial from me in the book. Regular readers of this newsletter know I am a big fan of Dan Kennedy. One of his first recommendations to me was to write regular newsletters, so you can see I still follow and endorse his advice. If you visit the web site www.profitadvisors.com, you will find I have written book reviews on almost all of Dan Kennedy’s books.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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Did you give Dan Kennedy a testimonial?

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