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Where can I find sample thank you cards?

July 11, 2001

Date:  Wed, 11 Oct 2000
From:  Christy Sarne

Mr. Gray

I came across your website while searching for sample Thank-You notes. I have a large list of businesses and people to thank for their generous contributions of money or time. Can you refer me to a site that may have samples I can use or do you have any samples or example thank-you letters? Thanks in advance.

Christy Sarne


Date:  Mon, 09 July 2000

Hello Christy,

Donít make whatís simple into something hard.

Get some simple stationery or thank-you note cards and write about the appreciation that you feel. Address the envelope and write the note in your own handwriting. Use a real stamp.

For example: "Thanks so much for your referral. I really appreciate your confidence in me, and Iíll do my best to help your friend get the care heís looking for."

A suggested reference is Tom Hopkinsí book, How To Master The Art of Selling.

When you can afford it, send a thank-you gift with the card, especially for a referral. Iíve sent gift certificates for restaurants and movies and play tickets. Use your imagination.

And Have Fun!

Mike Gray

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Where can I find sample thank you cards?

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