Do you know what kind of people these businessmen were?

July 11, 2001

Date:  Sat, 19 May 2001
From:  Joan Kiene


Did your research regarding Andrew Carnegie's promotion of the Think & Grow Rich Book include gaining knowledge of the kind of human being Carnegie was in his everyday life --- his interaction with those around him ... i.e. family, friends, coworkers? You may have found that the personal traits of Andrew and the other millionaires he so admired were not nearly so laudable. I know from your other comments that you believe in balancing one's life. Just an observation on my part. Many young people coming into the profession are overloaded with technological expertise and business theory, but are very short on a broad educational background that would help them understand and interact more effectively on the job (with colleagues and clients).


Date:  Mon, 09 July 2000

Hello Joan,

Thanks for writing.

Andrew Carnegie didn't write Think And Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill wrote it after interviewing hundreds of highly successful leaders in business and other walks of life.

Carnegie and the other early business leaders were human beings with human flaws.

On the other hand, they contributed enormously to building our economy and our country. We owe them a big debt. Hopefully we can learn from their contributions and from their mistakes to make things better.

Wasn't it exceptional for a person to arrive in the United States from Scotland with nothing and build an entire industry? Give the guy some appreciation for his accomplishment. Nobody can say Carnegie couldn't interact effectively on the job with colleagues and clients. He helped more employees become millionaires than any other business person of his time.

Most people who are graduating from college don't know what the classics of motivational literature are that can help them take control of their own lives. Think and Grow Rich is a book every educated person should read. They should also study other "people" skills.

I appreciate your comments and concerns and hope you'll continue reading our newsletter.

Thanks again!

Mike Gray

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