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Where can I find all the financial ratios
in detail?

July 28, 1999

From:  Ayman Mohy El-Din Awadallah Khalil
Date:  Mon, 12 Jul 1999

Dear Mr. Michael,

I'm working in Saudi Arabia as an accountant and I need all the financial ratios in details.

Thanks for your cooperation

Ayman Mohy


Date:  Wed, 28 Jul 1999

Hello Ayman,

Thanks for writing.

You can find many financial ratios in accounting and finance textbooks and in the financial analysis section of a good university library.

I also suggest that you read the books Measure Up by Richard Lynch and Kelvin Cross, and Building A Mail Order Business by William A. Cohen. Both of these books will eventually be reviewed on our Web Site.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is preparing to launch a new service, called "CPA Performance View," this September. The service will include practice aids and software for monitoring key performance indicators. Watch the web site, www.aicpa.org, for details. The technical manager for assurance services is Tom Wagner, email twagner@aicpa.org.

You might also refer to literature on direct marketing to learn how to test and track responses to advertising.

Good luck!

Mike Gray

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Where can you find all the financial ratios in detail?

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