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*A Book Review*

No B.S. Sales Success

By Dan Kennedy

by Michael C. Gray

November 22, 2004

A key skill for any entrepreneur is the ability to sell. Dan Kennedy has provided helpful tools to add to a sales arsenal in his updated book, No B.S. Sales Success.

This is not a book on selling basics, but rather covers selling strategies and sales philosophy to help the salesperson be more effective and successful.

The part of the sales process that drives off more salespeople than any other is prospecting. Dan Kennedy recommends that cold call prospecting should be replaced with a "magnetic marketing" lead generation system. When you have such a system in place, salespeople will be talking to pre-qualified leads who have already indicated an interest in what you sell.

Dan points out the advantage of "magnetic marketing" is the salesperson can be better positioned as a high-value consultant. "Nobody seeks a guru at the bottom of a mountain."

He emphasizes the positive power of negative preparation. This means you should build responses to your prospective customers likely objections into your sales presentation and prepare for any situation that is likely to go wrong. This can be as simple as carrying a replacement light bulb for an overhead projector.

Dan also suggests that the salesperson use "listening-based selling." Encourage your prospective customer to tell you about what the problems are that keep him or her up at night and what the things are that he or she values most. Then you can customize your presentation to show how your product or service can solve the problems or enhance the values.

The salesperson needs to remember why he or she is there. If the customer is enthusiastic about the presentation but doesn’t buy anything, it was a failure. Don’t be a "professional visitor."

As a bonus, Dan has included in the appendix a small, previously out-of-print book originally written for a private client in 1993, "How To Read Anyone’s Mind."

At $9.95, this book is a bargain that will definitely help you increase your business bank account. Be sure to include No B.S. Sales Success in your business library.

Buy it on Amazon: No B.S. Sales Success in The New Economy (NO BS).

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No B.S. Sales Success, by Dan Kennedy, will help you increase your business bank account with selling strategies and philosophy.

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